Davide Tonato is an italian painter, born in 1959. After the diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona he started the career of graphic. In the same time he teached artistic techniques. At the end of 1980’s Tonato left the graphic to following his pictorial and philosophical inspirations. The interest for esoterical symbolism of every culture (ancient and modern) guided him to eclectic realizations, where magic simbols are hidden into the artwork structures.

It is necessary to know that one of the characteristic of Tonato’s work is the attention to technique and material details, according to traditional principles of perspective painting. So, his artworks are “naturally” optical illusions, or trompe l’oeil. This genre, that from the Renaissance and Baroque period has continued to be renovated till today, in the Tonato’s interpretation engage esoterical significations. In this sense, the most important works are “Labyrinths”, a series of great oil on canvas realized with anamorphic principles; but the same prospectic artifice appears in a lot of other recent paintings.

Tonato held personal or collective exhibits in other prestigious places, as Visconti Castle in Belgioioso (1988), Ateneo San Basso in Venice (1989), Archaeological Museum in Bologna (1994), Sant’Angelo Castle in Rome (1994), Castle of Gallipoli (1995), Corni-Agazzotti Palace in Modena (2008).

His Artworks are reviewed on art magazines, used as Covers for books and musical cd.
Two series are published as Tarot decks: Tree of Life Tarot by Fratelli Fabbri Editori and Lo Scarabeo, and Venice Tarot by Dal Negro.








Diploma Liceo Artistico

Diploma Grafica Industriale

Diploma Accademia of the Belle Arti "Cignaroli" of Verona














May 1982

"Meridiana" - Verona

May/June 1986

"New York Open Center" - New York

May 1987

"Palazzo Dativi" - Prato (Firenze)

September 1987

"Castello Estense" - Ferrara

April 1988

"Palazzo Mangani" - Fiesole (Firenze)

June 1988

"Castello Belgioioso" - Milano

February 1989

"Palazzo Ateneo San Basso" - Venezia

June 1990

"Brisighella" - Faenza

June 1991

"Spazio Lions" - Verona

May 1992

"Golf Club Sommacampagna" - Verona

June 1992

"Palazzo della Grafica" - Faenza

June 1993

"Galleria S. Zeno" - Verona

February 1994

"Majestic" - Cannes

February 1994

"Castel Sant'Angelo" - Roma

June 1994

"Agorà" - Verona

February 1995

"Museo Civico Archeologico" - Bologna

April 1995

"Galleria Athenienne" - Piacenza

August 1995

"Castello di Gallipoli" - Lecce

Dicember 1995

"Pittori veronesi a Vivi la Casa in Fiera" - Verona

November 1996

"Mysteria" - Padova

April 1997

"Casinò" - Arco

July 1998

"Paradiso Festival New Age" - Rimini

Jenuary 1999

"Fondazione Giacomo Vittore" - Arco

February 1999

"Fondazione Giacomo Vittore"- Trento

March 1999

"Fondazione Giacomo Vittore" - Ala

Dicember 1999

"Palazzo Municipale" - Lissone

April 2000

"Fondazione Giacomo Vittore" - Cembra

May 2000

"Fondazione Giacomo Vittore" - Cavalese

June 2000

"Fondazione Giacomo Vittore" - Folgaria

Dicember 2007

"Sala Birolli" - Verona

Dicember 2008

"Palazzo Corni-Agazzotti" - Modena

2008 "Galleria Birolli" - Verona
2011 K 59 - Verona
2011 Arte PAdova - Fiera di Padova
2012 Galleria Unique - Torino
2012 Festa Medievale - Cassine (AL)
2015 Palazzo Zenobbio - Venezia