0 - The Fool - Madness I - The Magician - Willpower

Harlequin afloat on a barrel in the part of lagoon facing the island of San Servolo, Venice's mental hospital.

Stupidity. Immaturity. Apparent foolishness.

Friar Giordano Bruno, sorcerer and heretic, in St Mark's Square at the time of his stay in Venice.

Indipendence. Creativity. Start of an important venture.

II - The High Priestess - Trust III - Empress - Fertility

The philosopher Lucrezia Marinella with a book in her hands in one of the rooms of the Marciana Library

Studies. Thoughtfulness. Kindness. Intuition. Profounds spirituality. Search for guidance from within.

The poetess and lady of the court Veronica Franco, sitting inside an ornate barge in front of the Rialto Bridge.

Moral principles. Harsh judgment. Physical or intellectual fertility. Maternity.

IV - The Emperor - Stability V - The Pope - Education

The doge Alvise Mocenigo, victor against the Turks in the battle of Lepanto, on the Giants' Staircase in the courtyard of the Doge's Palace.

Strong willpower. Protection. Authority. Legality.

The Venetian pope Alessandro VIII in front of the doorway of St Mark's basilica.

Wisdom. Psychological support. Educator. Expert from whom one seeks advice.

VI - The Lovers - Endeavour VIII - Justice - Equilibrium

Rosaura and Florindo, the central characters of Goldoni's comedy "Il Teatro Comico", dancing on the Paradiso bridge.

Important decision. Endeavour. Longing for affection. Sensuality.

Portia, the beautiful and judicious heroine of Shakespere's "Merchant of Venice", stading on the Ponte del Fieno, with the Bridge of Sighs in the background

Important judgement. Stability. Authenticity.

IX - The Hermit - Prudence XI - Stregth - Vitality

Friar Francesco Zorzi, philosopher and alchemist, in front of the Church of Santa Fosca.

Detachment. Tranquillity. Discretion. Meditation. Assessment. Self-analysis. Natural medicine.

The Venetian noblewoman Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, aboard a warship in front of the Arsenale naval shipyard.

Moral stregth. Dignity. Audacity. Courage.

XII - The Hanged Man - Sacrifice XIII - Death - Ending

The body of the Venetian admiral Marcantonio Bragadin passing along the Grand Canal in front of Palazzo Dario, after it was returned to Venice.

Altruism. Spirit of sacrifice. Inflicted punishment.

The black drape of the terrible plague of 1630 fluttering in front of the Church of San Rocco, Patron Saint of plague-stricken persons.

Sudden and extreme change. End of a cycle.

XIV - Temperance - Moderation XVIII - The Moon - Imagination

The writer Moderata Fonte pouring water from a jug to a cup in front of the Church of Santa Maria della Salute.

Harmony. Ability to adapt to changes. Serenity. Remedy. Beneficial recreation.

Two dogs are barking at the full moon on the quay near St Mark's Square.

Strange encounters. Visions. Attraction for the unknown. Voyages on water.

XIX - The Sun - Happiness XX - Judgement - Rebirth

Childhood portrayal of the twins Zanetto and Tonino, the central characters of Goldoni's comedy "I due gemelli veneziani", in front of the palazzo Ca'd'Oro.

Joy. Sincerity. Friendship. Inspiration. Reliability. Success.

The Archangel Michael above the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, with the souls of the dead emerging from water.

Renewal. Regeneration. Enlightenment. Examination of conoscience. Sense of release.