Ace of Wands - Horizon 2 of Wands - Punctuality

A huge "bricola" (mooring post) in the middle of the sea, and two Venetian galleys setting sail.

A plan. Creativity. Inventions. Start of a new job or business. Productivity. Fertility.

The two bronze "Mori", cast by Ambrogio da le Anchire in 1497, strike the bell on the hour on top of the Orologio clock tower in St Mark's Square.

In-depth studies. Industry. Order. Essential precision.

7 of Wands - Achievement Knight of Wands - Traveller

Seven "baute" (traditional Venetian masks) representing the same number of "Commedia Veneziana" characters.

Partial accomplishment of a project. Teamwork plans. Constructive discussions.

The knight and leader of mercenary troops Niccolò Orsini, in front of the Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo.

A man from afar makes a business proposal. Possible change of residence. Unavoidable transfer.

Queen of Wands - Friend King of Wands - Entrepreneur

The sixteenth-century poetess Maria Savorgnan, mistress of the mam of letter Pietro Bembo, with the Fortune of the Giudecca in the background.

A vague, eccentric woman whose behaviour is both affable and aloof.

The high magistrate Gerolamo Querini, in the typical attire of his office, in front of the Porta della Carta, adjacent to the Doge's Palace.

A powerful and demanding man who is generous with honest and talented persons.