Ace of Cups - Abundance 2 of Cups - Seduction

The precious cup that belonged to the Byzantine Emperor Romanus III, housed in St Mark's treasury.

Happiness. Love. Satisfaction. Physical, mental and spiritual nourishment.

An old man tries to seduce a young waitress in an tavern.

Alliance. Unity. Publicity. Messages.

3 of Cups - Happiness 7 of Cups - Illusions

The Three Graces painted by the Venetian artist Francesco Hayez.

Celebrations. High living. Eroticism. Reciprocated joy. Harmony. Healing.

A seventeenth-century Venetian prostitute, at her front door, surrounded by cups full of dreams and fears

Daydreams. Deceitful flattery. Emerging of the unconscious.

Knave of Cups - Strategy Queen of Cups - Lover

A Turkish diplomat in traditional attire on a pier in Venice.

Young man with a successful career. Attempts to find a new love or a new job. Careful handling of personal relationships.

The philosopher Cassandra Fedele sitting with one arm resting on a jug near the edge of a foundation in front of the Church of San Giacomo at Rialto.

Generous and loving woman. Sincere friend. Fiancée. Wise lover. Romantic woman.