Ace of Coins - Wealth 5 of Coins - Apprehension

The Lion of St Mark topped by a golden emblem of the phoenix, which symbolizes Venice's capacity for renewal.

Positive period. Increased earnings. Business recovery. Consistency.

A man with a "bauta" mask and a woman wearing a traditional "moreta" carnival costume cross a bridge while a servant looks down at the falling coins.

Behaviour thet causes apprehension. Waste of money. Gambling.

Knave of Coins - Student Knight of Coins - Colleague

The Venetian aristocrat Alvise Zenobio, who donated new astronomical observing and measuring instruments to the University of Padua in 1794.

A man who proposes innovative ideas or plans for improvement.

The ghost of Nicola da Parma, Prior in Venice of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem who, in 1313, was awarded the property that had belonged to the Knights Templar. In the background, palazzo Cą Rezzonico.

A person from far away makes a sound offer.

Queen of Coins - Heiress King of Coins - Commerciante

The Venetian noblewoman Maria Labia, eighteenth-century owner of the palazzo bearing her name whose interior was superbly frescoed by Tiepolo.

A seductive woman who wants a lot in return for her favours.

The admiral Daniele IV Dolfin portrayed by Tiepolo in one of the halls of his sumptuous Venetian palazzo.

A businessman may offer his associates a lot of money, on the condition they remain loyal to him.